Pharmacy Technician Programs Committee (PTPC)

Pharmacy Technician Programs Committee (PTPC)


(Effective 1 July 2020)

  • Ms. Julee Joseph, Chair (CCAPP Board Member)
  • Ms. Melissa Benoit (PEBC 2018 – 3 year appointment – renewable)
  • Ms. Sonja Baettig (CPTEA/Public Colleges 2020 – 2 year appointment – renewable)
  • Dr. Amy Marriott (CSHP 2019 – 2 year appointment – renewable)
  • Ms. Ava Feenstra (CPTEA/Public Colleges 2020* – 3 year appointment – non-renewable)
  • Ms. Samantha Jenkins  (CAPT 2020 – 2 year appointment – renewable)
  • Ms. Gae Carroll (CPTEA/Private Colleges 2018*- 3 year appointment – non-renewable)
  • Ms. Connie Beck (CPhA 2020* – 3 year appointment – non- renewable)
  • Ms. Karen Barberie (CPTEA/Private Colleges 2020 – 2 year appointment – renewable)
* Indicates member is serving their final term on the Committee

PTPC Terms of Reference

Committee Purpose

  1. Make recommendations to the CCAPP Board about the accreditation award that should be conferred on a pharmacy technician program.
  2. Provide advice to the CCAPP board regarding CCAPP’s accreditation service to pharmacy technician programs.


  1. Review accreditation survey findings and progress reports from pharmacy technician programs, to arrive at recommendations regarding the accreditation award that should be conferred on a pharmacy technician program.
  2. Provide advice about services that CCAPP might offer to assist programs in achieving the Standards.
  3. Provide advice about changes to accreditation standards and processes used by CCAPP with respect to pharmacy technician programs.
  4. Promote consensus, cooperation, participation and learning among all members.


The committee comprises members that represent key stakeholders in approximately equal numbers – pharmacy technician educators, and persons knowledgeable about the pharmacy technician profession.  Members are nominated by partnering organizations; the most suitable nominee is appointed to the Committee by the CCAPP Board.  Both private and public colleges should be represented among committee members.  To the extent possible, the majority of committee members are pharmacy technicians.


The CCAPP Board will appoint the chair of PTPC following procedures defined in the bylaws for standing committees.

Voting Members (over and above the Chairperson):

  • Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association (4 members)
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association (1 member)
  • Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (1 member)
  • Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (1 member)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (1 member)

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members:

  • CCAPP Chief Executive Officer (1 member)
  • CCAPP Coordinator, Pharmacy Technician Programs Accreditation (1 member)

Recruitment and Selection of Appointees:

The Board sends a Call for Nominees to the partnering organization.  The Call for Nominees lists required qualifications to achieve the required composition of the committee, as well as desired qualification to achieve a suitable mix of other skills and attributes in the committee as a whole.  The partnering organization solicits and advances, to CCAPP, the letter of interest/CV of 3 nominees for each of its vacant/to-be vacated positions.  Upon receiving the list of nominees from the partnering organization, the CCAPP Executive Committee identifies the most suitable nominee for each position and the Executive Committee recommends that the Board appoints the individual(s) to the committee.


2 years, renewable for 2 additional terms of 2 years each (6 years total) upon completion of the first appointment.


The Committee identifies its funding needs for the next fiscal year, if any, and submits it to the Executive Director in December annually.


  • The Committee meets at least twice per year, usually by teleconference.
  • Quorum is 50% of voting members plus 1
  • Minutes are recorded of the committee’s deliberations and matters requiring a vote.
  • A simple majority in voting will approve the motion.

Reporting Relationship:

  • The Committee reports to the Board on matters related to Objective 1 after each meeting
  • The Committee makes at least one report per year regarding progress, activity and recommendation, if any, regarding Objectives 2 to 4.

Relevant Policies:

Committee members are subject to policies (e.g., conflict of interest; confidentiality; expense reimbursement) approved by the CCAPP board.